Welcome to Gold Coast Sentinel

In my view the Gold Coast needs a 'gate keeper' or 'sentinel' to help preserve our rights and democracy especially in local, state and federal government. Australia is an over governed nation with far too many people living off the government coffers and at times it seems we are bound to political correctness in unhealthy ways which impinge on freedom of speech. The Gold Coast Sentinel is my attempt as just one person to fight the loss of freedom and to stand for common sense. As the march of unchallenged mindless bureaucracy moves inextricably forward, justice has become the domain of the wealthy and privileged and our right to reasonably say what we think is shackled to the threat of legal action or retribution against us.

We are suffocating with incompetent politicians at all levels, gross mismanagement by the bureaucracy and a judicial system which fails to dispense equal justice for all. In all likelihood the punishment will not fit the crime. The Gold Coast is especially vulnerable along with the doomed koala in south east Queensland and in both cases it’s a travesty of justice and moral incompetence from those who represent us. However in our democracy the buck stops with us, ‘we the people’ and it seems to me that public lethargy is our greatest threat. "She'll be right mate" was and is deceptively stupid..

To assist in providing a voice I run a segment on Radio 4CRB which transmits on 89.3 FM and on line at www.4crb.com  The segment is called ‘We The People’ and I hope is the voice of reason. It’s a credit to 4CRB that they make time available where so much contemporary mass media does not. The segments are also recorded on this site under the heading We The People. They are the finest three words imaginable when it comes to democracy but it also brings responsibility and so I ask, with respect, what are you doing to build a better community and to call to account our elected members and to promote sustainable living. For evil to prevail only requires good people to do nothing.

Kent Bayley